Horse Boarding Stables near Enfield, CT

FancyPantsExceptional Care

Oak Meadow Farms offers some of the best horse boarding stables and facilities near Enfield, CT. Our farm offers a warm, family-friendly atmosphere. The grounds are meticulously maintained inside and out, and the health and safety of horse and rider are our first priorities. We are definitely worth the trip from Enfield!

We feed premium hay virtually free-choice, as well as a selection of Nutrena grains 2-3 times per day depending on the individual horse’s needs. Stalls are cleaned and buckets scrubbed on a daily basis.

Our barn manager lives on-site and is here to make sure that your horse is comfortable and happy 24/7. The horse boarding stables and facilities is open to boarding customers 7 days per week and on holidays from 8-8.

Plenty of Room

Oak Meadow Farm East Windsor, CT

Oak Meadow is one of the only horse boarding stables and facilities in the area with two full-size indoor arenas, both of which are connected to the barn aisles and contain dust-controlled footing. We also have two full-size outdoor arenas equipped with lights and irrigation systems. The footing in all of our rings is maintained daily.

When you bring your horse from Enfield, CT to Oak Meadow you are guaranteed a minimum turnout shift of 4 hours in one of our many paddocks, weather permitting. We also have two “rehabilitation” paddocks for horses on stall rest. The paddocks are small and prevent the horses from injuring themselves while still allowing them to spend time outdoors. We have had great success rehabbing horses while utilizing these paddocks. Regular blanket checks and changes are provided during cooler months. Fly gear changes and booting are also included in board.

Our boarders have access to heated tack rooms with space for a tack box, saddle rack(s), and shelves to store their equipment. All of our tack rooms remain cool and mold-free in the summer and are cleaned on a regular basis.

For Your Comfort


If you are coming from the Enfield, CT area you can enjoy our lovely lounge and kitchenette used for barn functions and just relaxing while at the barn. It has mirror-glass windows which allow customers to view the 60’x130’ indoor arena from the comfort of the seats.

Please call our office with any questions and we look forward to seeing you at the farm or simply fill out our secure Contact Form and we will get back to you shortly. Thanks!

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