Horseback Riding Lessons in Central Connecticut

Horseback Riding Lessons in Central Connecticut

Quality Lesson Program

Oak Meadow Farm is proud to offer horseback riding lessons to students of all ages (3yrs+) and ability levels. Our dedicated and experienced staff and reliable school horses provide the highest quality lessons available in the area. This program also teaches students the necessary horsemanship skills to progress on to leasing or owning their own horse in the future.



Our riding school runs on a semester schedule of 13 weeks per semester. The 13 weeks are broken up into 12 weeks of lessons and an additional week for make-up lessons. Make-up lessons are only available to students who provided at least 24 hours notice of cancelation or who were impacted by bad weather. Make-ups may also be taken during the semester at the discretion of your instructor. Lessons and/or make-up lessons do not carry over into new semesters. The fee for each semester is $495.



New customers are invited to participate in a 3-lesson introductory package. These lessons can be taken consecutively at any point during a semester and will be private half hour (30min) lessons. We feel that the 3 lessons are adequate to help a new rider or new customer decide if they would like to continue riding at Oak Meadow. The introductory package fee is $135. Pro-rated lesson packages are available in the event that your introductory package ends in the middle of a semester and you would like to continue riding.



Oak Meadow Farm hosts monthly schooling shows during the warmer months which are available to all of our students. These shows help students create riding goals and assess their improvement over time. There are classes for all ages and levels of riders. Students who take a minimum of two lessons per week are also invited to take part in our series of rated horse shows and may also participate in local rated horse shows off the farm property.

Please call our office with any questions about our riding school. We look forward to seeing you at the farm!