Oak Meadow Winter II

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Congratulations to all of the OMF riders and horses who competed at the second show of our winter show series!


Kaila James & OMF's Personal Best "Skippy" - Walk/Trot Pleasure Champion, Walk/Trot Equitation Champion


Ella Grindle & OMF's Over the Moon "Frosty" - Walk/Trot Pleasure Reserve Champion, Walk/Trot Equitation Reserve Champion


Kaitlyn Foley & OMF's Neiman's Gold "Floyd" - Quarter Horse Hunter Under Saddle Champion


Karen Narciso & OMF's Paint By Number "Gibs" - Adult English Pleasure Champion, Long Stirrup Equitation Champion


Jackie Coleman & Cindy Dodd's Dodd's Killian's Red "Chester" - Beginner 11 & Over Equitation Champion


Paige Dempsey-Weiner & OMF's Personal Best "Skippy" - Rated show debut in Color Breed Pleasure


Cindy Dodd & her own Dodd's Killian's Red "Chester" - Long Stirrup Hunter Champion


Janet Ellsworth & her own Oberon "Obie" - 2' CT Training Hunter Champion


Kathy O'Connor & her lease Aurora Borealis "Bella" - a successful second show in 2' CT Training Hunter


Sara Taniwha & her own Juno - Modified Adult Hunter Champion, 3rd place M&S Bit O' Straw Hunter Classic


Oak Meadow Equestrian Team

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Oak Meadow IEA Team 2014-2015


Congratulations to Gabriella DaSilva on qualifying for IEA Semi-Finals in Future Beginner WTC. We wish you good luck at post-season shows!


Oak Meadow Summer Camp 2015

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Please note that these dates are still tentative and are subject to change.

July 20th-14th - Beginner
July 27th-31st - Show Prep/Advanced
August 3rd-7th - Advanced Beginner
August 10th-14th - Intermediate
August 17th-21st - Beginner


Beginner - A student who has never ridden before or who has been on a horse a few times.


Advanced Beginner - A rider who is capable of walking and trotting on his/her own and may be learning diagonals or how to canter.


Intermediate - A rider who is comfortable walking, trotting, and cantering and may be learning leads and how to jump.


Show Prep/Advanced - A rider who is interested in learning how to prepare a horse for a show and will take part in the OMF schooling show at the end of this week of camp.


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Congratulations to Kathy O'Connor on her lease of Aurora Borealis "Bella" and to Janet Ellsworth on her lease of Heartbreaker "Cosmo". Look for both of these new pairs in the Modified Adult ring!

Current Schooling Show Series Points

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1. Ashley Bebyn (Four Winds Farm) - 76pts

2. Gabby DaSilva (Oak Meadow Farm) - 70pt

3. Catherine Reckmeyer (Oak Meadow Farm) - 66.5pts

4. Peyton Olson (Lori-Ann Archambault) - 62pts

5. Kayleigh Sauyet (Four Winds Farm) - 52pts

6. Karen von Bachelle (Self) - 50pts

7. Karen Narcisco (Oak Meadow Farm) - 48pts

8. Amelia Luetjen (Lori-Ann Archambault) - 47pts

9. Angela Young (Lori-Ann Archambault) - 40.5pts

10. Cindy Dodd (Oak Meadow Farm) - 40pts

Kaila James (Oak Meadow Farm) - 40pts

Madison Zollo (Self) - 40pts

11. Erin McTeague (Michele Carver) - 36pts

Ella Grindle (Oak Meadow Farm) - 36pts

Olivia Hall (Oak Meadow Farm) - 36pts

Victoria McCarthy (Oak Meadow Farm) - 36pts

JD Hunt (Shag Bark) - 36pts

12. Jessica Lipponen (Dee Dee Hopper) - 34pts

Reagan Olson (Lori-Ann Archambault) - 34pts

13. Brittany Sawyer (Dawn Luke) - 32pts

Amy Bartholomew (Lori-Ann Archambault) - 32pts

Megan Bergin (Lori-Ann Archambault) - 32pts

14. Kate Marcotte (Queensway) - 29pts

15. Angela Clark (Oak Meadow Farm) - 28pts

Hali Kruzel (Shag Bark) - 28pts

16. Sydney Ingraham (Oak Meadow Farm) - 27pts

17. Aneysa Pica-Taylor (Oak Meadow Farm) - 26pts

Samantha Simmons (Oak Meadow Farm) - 26pts

Elizabeth Hunt (Shag Bark) - 26pts

18. Amanda Rich (Oak Meadow Farm) - 24.5pts

19. Samantha Seidor (Lori-Ann Archambault) - 24pts

20. Kelsey Grant (Shag Bark) - 23pts

21. Sara Taniwha (Oak Meadow Farm) - 21.5pts

22. Carlie Ferry (Oak Meadow Farm) - 20pts

Dee Dee Hopper (Self) - 20pts

23. Molly Shannon (Oak Meadow Farm) - 15.5pts

24. Samantha Norton (Lori-Ann Archambault) - 14pts

25. Robin Rollins (Dawn Luke) - 11.5pts

26. Gia Sarkis (Oak Meadow Farm) - 10pts

Janet Ellsworth (Oak Meadow Farm) - 10pts

27. Alison Raulukaitus (Shag Bark) - 9pts

28. Kendall Hall (Oak Meadow Farm) - 5pts

29. Kathy O'Connor (Oak Meadow Farm) - 4pts

30. Shannon Ginnetti (Queensway) - 2.5pts

31. Paige Dempsey-Weiner (Oak Meadow Farm) - 2pts



1. Lori-Ann Archambault - 285.5pts

2. Four Winds Farm - 128pts

3. Shag Bark - 122pts

4. Dee Dee Hopper - 54pts

5. Karen von Bachelle - 50pts

6. Dawn Luke - 43.5pts

7. Madison Zollo - 40pts

8. Michele Carver - 36pts

9. Queensway Farm - 31.5pts


We hope to see everyone at our final schooling show on September 21st!

Oak Meadow Schooling Show – May 18th

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Come join us for our first schooling show of the year!


NEW THIS YEAR - Series Trainer Award & Series Rider Award


Time Schedule


Prize List


Entry Blank



Year End Awards

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Congratulations to all of our year end award winners!


Amy Bartholomew & Close Up Magic

CHSA Modified Adult Equitation Champion

CHSA Modified Adult Hunter Reserve Champion

CHJA Modified Adult Equitation Champion

CHJA Modified Adult Hunter Reserve Champion

Sandra LaFlamme Adult High Point Equitation Award


Kathy O'Connor & Killian's Red

CHSA Modified Adult Hunter - 5th place

CHJA Modified Adult Hunter - 3rd place


Janet Ellsworth & Oberon

CHSA CT Training Hunter B 2' - 3rd place


Anastasia Romeo

CHJA Children's Equitation - 11th place


Morgan Taniwha & OMF Moncheri

CHJA Adult Hunter 35 & Under - 5th place

USHJA National Hunter Derby Rider for Zone 1 Adult Amateurs


Gia Sarkis & Avallach's Coco Chanel

CHJA Green Pony Hunter - 6th place

USEF Zone 1 Large Green Pony Hunter - 5th place


Amy Kriwitsky & Rooster

CHJA Connecticut Working Hunter Reserve Champion

Bernie Traurig Clinic Ride Times

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Light Breakfast


8:00AM - Flat Section

Kathy O'Connor

Donna Gruhn

Liesl Wylie


10:00AM - 2' Section

Tori Stuart

Alex D'Orsi

Sienna Hubley

Genevieve Dodge

Rachel Miller

Emery Smith



Light Lunch

Saddle fitting demonstration by Voltaire

*Voltaire will be here all weekend providing free saddle fitting assessments


1:00PM - 2'6" Section

Dana Knoll

Jessica Lipponen

Robin Rollins

Morgan Wells

Vici Amoroso


3:00PM - 3' Section

Melanie Scott

Hayley Wilkinson

Amy Kriwitsky

Kelly Cavanaugh

Dawn Luke



SUNDAY 10/13


Light Breakfast


8:00AM - Flat Section

Carol Cogan

Amanda Rich

Marguerite O'Brien

Donna Gruhn


10:00 - 2' Section A

Caitlin Szoka

Molly Shannon

Brittney Lamark



Light Lunch


1:00PM - 2' Section B

Kathy O'Connor

Cindy Dodd

Janet Ellsworth


3:00PM - 2'6" Section

Deb Moynihan

Morgan Taniwha

Gia Sarkis

Anastasia Romeo

2013 Folly Farm Classic

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Congratulations to Kathy O'Connor and her Killian's Red on their 6th place finish in the Modified Adult Classic at the Folly Classic!

Dog Costume Class at the Folly Farm Classic!

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