Fun at Fairfield!

Congratulations to all of the Oak Meadow riders who attended the FCHC August Show & CHJA Medal Finals!


Morgan Taniwha and "OMF Moncheri" competed in the CHJA Adult Hunter Classic on Friday. The pair also participated in the younger section of the CHJA Adult Medal and brought home a 12th place finish in a very competitive class!


Anastasia Romeo rode her "Grateful" to a 2nd and 4th in the Ever Green Hunters and a 4th, 8th, and 3rd in the hack in the Modified Children's Hunter division, as well as a 3rd in the M&S Bit O' Straw Classic. She also put in a great trip in the CHJA Children's Medal Final aboard Grateful. Additionally, Anastasia took home ribbons on "Carderock" in the Children's Equitation and Fairfield Hunters.


Kathy O'Conner aboard "Killian's Red" and Amy Bartholomew on "Close Up Magic" competed in a large Modified Adult Hunter division to prepare for CHSA Finals.


Catherine Reckmeyer brought her "Shine On" out for his first horse show in awhile and he was a superstar in the Low and Hopeful Hunters. She also showed Oak Meadow's OMF Moncheri in the CHJA Children's Medal Final.


Gia Sarkis piloted Anastasia Romeo's "Little Miss Fancy Pants" in the Small/Medium Children's Hunter Ponies, as well as her own "Avallach's Coco Chanel" in the CHJA Pony Medal Final.


Kathryn Mikolinski and Oak Meadow's "Askan" wrapped up the weekend with an 8th place finish in the $2,500 M&S/NAL/WIHS Children's/Adult Jumper Classic.