WHC Shoreline I


Amy took the Oak Meadow crew down to the Westbrook Hunt Club to kick off the Shoreline Classic Series last weekend.


Morgan Taniwha & OMF Moncheri

Adult Hunters 18-35: 1st, 5th, 6th Over Fences; 2nd U/S

5th $1,500 M&S/NAL High Child/Adult Jumper Classic


Gia Sarkis & Avallach's Coco Chanel

Green Pony Hunters - 3rd Model; 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 5th Over Fences; 5th U/S

CHJA Children's Medal - 4th


Kathryn Mikolinski & Askan

High Child/Adult Jumpers - 3rd, 3rd

CHJA Adult Medal - 3rd

NEHC Adult Medal - 3rd


Miranda Lee & Pelforth

Children's Equitation - 7th, 7th Over Fences; 5th Flat


Anastasia Romeo & Grateful

Children's Equitation - 3rd, 8th Over Fences, 6th Flat

CHJA Children's Medal - 2nd